Sonos headset bluetooth speakers: a new way to enjoy wireless sound

Sonos, the leading brand of wireless speakers and soundbars, is reportedly working on a new product that will combine the features of a headset and a bluetooth speaker. The Sonos headset bluetooth speakers, as they are tentatively called, are expected to launch in 2024 and offer a unique way to enjoy wireless sound.

What are Sonos headset bluetooth speakers?

According to a news article by Gizmodo, the Sonos headset bluetooth speakers are a pair of over-ear headphones that can also function as a portable bluetooth speaker. The headphones have a detachable headband that can be used as a stand to prop up the ear cups, which have built-in speakers and microphones. The ear cups can also be rotated to face outward, allowing the user to share their music with others.

Sonos headset bluetooth speakers: a new way to enjoy wireless sound
Sonos headset bluetooth speakers: a new way to enjoy wireless sound

The Sonos headset bluetooth speakers are said to have a sleek and minimalist design, with touch controls and LED indicators on the ear cups. The headphones are also expected to support wi-fi and bluetooth connectivity, as well as voice assistants like Alexa and Google Assistant. The headphones will likely integrate with the Sonos app and ecosystem, allowing the user to access their music library, streaming services, and multi-room audio settings.

Why is Sonos making headset bluetooth speakers?

Sonos is known for its high-quality wireless speakers and soundbars, which have earned rave reviews from critics and customers alike. However, the company has also been exploring new product categories, such as the Sonos Roam, a portable bluetooth speaker that can also connect to wi-fi and join the Sonos system. The Sonos Roam was launched in 2021 and received positive feedback for its versatility, sound quality, and battery life.

The Sonos headset bluetooth speakers are another example of Sonos’s innovation and ambition to expand its product portfolio and reach new customers. The headphones are aimed at people who want to enjoy wireless sound in different scenarios, whether it’s listening privately, sharing with friends, or moving around the house. The headphones are also a way for Sonos to compete with other brands like Apple, Bose, and Sony, which have dominated the wireless headphone market.

When will Sonos headset bluetooth speakers be available?

The Sonos headset bluetooth speakers are still in development and have not been officially announced by the company. However, there have been several clues and hints that suggest that the headphones are coming soon. For instance, Sonos acquired a British headphone manufacturer called RHA Audio in 2021, and a Bluetooth startup called T2 Software in 2021, both of which could help Sonos with its headphone project. Sonos also filed a patent in 2021 that showed the design and features of the headphones, which matched the description by Gizmodo.

Moreover, Sonos CEO Patrick Spence recently teased a new product launch in 2024, saying that it will be part of a multi-year product cycle and a multi-billion dollar category. Many analysts and experts believe that he was referring to the Sonos headset bluetooth speakers, which could be a game-changer for the company and the industry. The headphones are expected to cost around $549/£599, which is similar to the price of the Apple AirPods Max, another premium wireless headphone.

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