Starfield Fans Disappointed by Faulty Smartwatch in Constellation Edition

Starfield, the highly anticipated sci-fi RPG from Bethesda, has been praised for its immersive gameplay and stunning graphics. However, some fans who bought the expensive Constellation Edition of the game are feeling cheated by the quality of the smartwatch that came with it.

The Constellation Edition: A Collector’s Dream or a Nightmare?

The Constellation Edition of Starfield was the most costly version of the game, priced at nearly $300. It included all the physical and digital content from the other premium editions, such as steelbook cases, patches, digital soundtracks and artbooks, skin packs, and access to the Shattered Space expansion DLC. But the main attraction of the Constellation Edition was the special replica smartwatch designed by The Wand Company to look like the LPV6 Chronomark Smartwatch featured in the game.

Starfield Fans Disappointed by Faulty Smartwatch in Constellation Edition
Starfield Fans Disappointed by Faulty Smartwatch in Constellation Edition

The smartwatch was advertised as a fully functional device that could connect to smartphones via Bluetooth and display notifications, time, date, weather, and other features. It also had a customizable LED display that could change colors and patterns. The smartwatch came in a sleek case with a Starfield logo and a charging cable.

Many fans were excited to get their hands on this unique collectible item that would make them feel like they were part of the Constellation faction in Starfield. However, their excitement soon turned into frustration and disappointment when they realized that the smartwatch was not as durable or reliable as they expected.

The Smartwatch Saga: From Broken to Bricked

According to several reports from Reddit users who bought the Constellation Edition, the smartwatch started showing signs of malfunctioning within days or weeks of use. Some users reported that the smartwatch would not charge properly, would not connect to their phones, would freeze or glitch, or would display incorrect information. Others said that the smartwatch stopped working altogether and became a useless brick.

One Reddit user, Tovrin, shared their experience with the smartwatch on the Starfield subreddit. They said that they received their Constellation Edition on September 23rd, 2023, and used the smartwatch for about a month before it died completely. They said that they left it to charge overnight and woke up to find it unresponsive and with a blank screen. They tried different charging cables and outlets, but nothing worked.

Tovrin also said that they contacted Bethesda for support, but they did not receive any helpful response. They said that they got an automated message that redirected them back to Bethesda’s website, where they had to fill out another form. They said that they did not hear back from Bethesda for over two weeks until they posted their complaint on Reddit. Then, they said that Bethesda finally acknowledged their issue and asked them for proof of purchase, address, and other details to send them a replacement.

However, Tovrin was not optimistic about getting a new smartwatch that would work better than the original one. They said that they had seen other users who had received replacements that had the same problems as the first ones. They also said that they had lost interest in using the smartwatch after seeing how poorly it performed.

The Fallout: Fans Demand Better Quality and Service

Tovrin was not alone in their dissatisfaction with the smartwatch and Bethesda’s customer service. Many other Reddit users commented on their post and shared similar stories of faulty smartwatches and unresponsive support. Some users said that they regretted buying the Constellation Edition and wished they had saved their money or bought a different edition of Starfield. Others said that they felt cheated by Bethesda and The Wand Company for selling them a defective product that did not live up to its promises.

Some users also compared the smartwatch to other collectible items that came with games, such as figurines or statues, which did not require software or batteries and were more durable and reliable. They said that the smartwatch was a gimmick that did not add any value to their gaming experience or their collection.

Some users also suggested that Bethesda should offer refunds or compensation to those who bought the Constellation Edition and were unhappy with their smartwatch. They said that Bethesda should take responsibility for their product and respect their customers’ rights and expectations.

Starfield is still one of the most popular games of 2023, but its reputation may have been tarnished by this smartwatch debacle. Fans who bought the Constellation Edition hoped to get a premium experience that matched the price tag, but instead they got a disappointing device that broke their hearts.

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