Tesla Launches Exclusive Color Wraps for Model 3 and Model Y

Tesla Inc. (NASDAQ: TSLA) has announced a new service that allows customers to customize their Model 3 and Model Y vehicles with premium color wraps, only available through Tesla. The wraps, which start at $7,500, are offered in seven exclusive colors and provide a protective layer for the car’s paint.

Tesla’s Color Wraps: A New Way to Personalize Your EV

Tesla has been known for its limited color options for its electric vehicles, with only five standard colors available for the Model 3 and Model Y. However, the company has recently introduced a new way for customers to personalize their vehicles with color wraps, which are crafted from a self-healing urethane-based film that protects the paint beneath from chips, scratches and swirling.

The color wraps are available in seven exclusive colors, which include:

  • Satin Stealth Black
  • Glacier Blue
  • Satin Rose Gold
  • Slip Grey
  • Forest Green
  • Satin Ceramic White
  • Crimson Red

The color wraps are only available for the 2023 Model 3 and Model Y vehicles, and can be purchased through the Tesla app or the online shop. The installation process of the wraps is meticulous, covering the jambs for all color options, with the exception of Clear Wraps.

Tesla Launches Exclusive Color Wraps for Model 3 and Model Y

How to Get a Tesla Color Wrap

To access this service, Tesla owners need to ensure they are using version 4.23.0 or newer of the Tesla app. Customers can choose from the seven premium colors, which cost either $7,500 or $8,000, depending on the color. The stated purchase prices for the wraps are all-inclusive, covering both the cost of materials and the installation process.

Currently, two participating Tesla Service Centers are equipped to handle the color wrap installations: West Covina, CA and Carlsbad, CA. Tesla has indicated that the installation can span between five to seven business days from the moment the vehicle is dropped off at one of their service centers. However, those opting for this service should note that Tesla will not be providing loaner vehicles during this period.

For those interested in more details or seeking support regarding the vehicle wraps, Tesla has dedicated a “Vehicle Wraps Support Page”.

Why Tesla is Offering Color Wraps

This move by Tesla not only underscores their commitment to providing high-quality services but also offers an avenue for Tesla enthusiasts to further personalize and protect their vehicles. Wraps are a popular way to customize a vehicle’s color without the cost and difficulty of a full repaint. It also has the benefit of keeping a vehicle from seeing ugly scratches or weather damage.

And with Teslas they are particularly popular, as the automaker makes few models and variations and the amount of possible customization that can be done to an electric car is lower, at least at the moment, than is the case in the well-established aftermarket for gas vehicles.

Tesla itself offers paint protection film for the most often-scratched parts of the car, and has gotten into the wrap business too, but only in China – until now.

Recently, Tesla’s upcoming Cybertruck has been spotted in a variety of colorful wraps, leading to speculation that the company might start offering wraps. We expected to see wraps show up as a Cybertruck option, especially given that the truck’s stainless steel body won’t be paintable.

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