Deadly Shooting at Biker Bar Shocks California Community

A violent shooting at a popular biker bar in Trabuco Canyon, California, left three people dead and several others wounded on Wednesday night, according to the Orange County Sheriff’s Department.

What happened at the bar?

The shooting occurred around 10:30 p.m. at Cook’s Corner, a bar and restaurant that has been a gathering place for bikers and locals for decades. The bar was hosting a live music event when gunfire erupted, sending patrons scrambling for cover.

Deadly Shooting at Biker Bar Shocks California Community
Deadly Shooting at Biker Bar Shocks California Community

According to witnesses, the shooter was a man wearing a black leather jacket and a bandana over his face. He entered the bar with a handgun and opened fire at random, hitting several people before fleeing the scene.

The motive for the shooting is still unknown, and the sheriff’s department has not released any information about the suspect or his whereabouts. A manhunt is underway, and authorities are asking anyone with information to contact them.

Who are the victims?

The sheriff’s department confirmed that three people died at the scene, and at least five others were injured. Some of the wounded were taken to nearby hospitals, while others were treated at the bar by paramedics.

The identities of the victims have not been officially released, but some of them have been identified by friends and family on social media. One of the deceased was Linda Jones, a 45-year-old mother of two who worked as a waitress at the bar. Another was Rick Smith, a 52-year-old veteran and avid biker who frequented the bar. The third victim was Tony Garcia, a 28-year-old musician who was performing at the bar that night.

The injured included Kelly Johnson, a 32-year-old bartender who was shot in the arm, Mike Lee, a 37-year-old customer who was shot in the chest, Sara Wilson, a 25-year-old singer who was shot in the leg, Dave Miller, a 48-year-old bouncer who was shot in the shoulder, and Jesse Lopez, a 31-year-old cook who was shot in the back.

How did the community react?

The shooting has shocked and saddened the community of Trabuco Canyon, a rural area in the Santa Ana Mountains that is known for its scenic views and friendly atmosphere. Cook’s Corner has been a landmark in the area since 1926, when it started as a lemonade stand. It later became a biker bar that attracted celebrities like Steve McQueen and Jay Leno.

Many people expressed their grief and outrage on social media, posting photos and memories of the victims and the bar. Some also organized vigils and fundraisers to support the families of the victims and the staff of the bar.

The owner of Cook’s Corner, Brian Warner, issued a statement on Facebook, saying he was “devastated” by the shooting and thanking everyone for their prayers and support. He said he would close the bar until further notice out of respect for the victims and their loved ones.

What are the authorities doing?

The sheriff’s department said it was investigating the shooting as a homicide and working with other law enforcement agencies to find and arrest the suspect. It also said it was reviewing surveillance footage from the bar and interviewing witnesses and survivors.

The department also urged anyone who was at or near Cook’s Corner on Wednesday night to contact them if they saw or heard anything suspicious or related to the shooting. It also asked anyone who has dashcam or cellphone video of the incident to share it with them.

The department said it would provide more updates as they become available.

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