Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has returned to his home state to campaign for the 2024 presidential election, following a series of setbacks in his bid for the Republican nomination. The governor’s campaign has been plagued by a lack of funding, staff layoffs, and attacks from former President Donald Trump, who continues to lead by double digits in polls.

DeSantis Touts Law Enforcement Support

During a recent campaign stop in Tampa, DeSantis rolled out a slew of endorsements from local police and sheriffs. He touched on many of the same themes he’s touted during his years as governor: He characterized San Francisco as a drug-ridden hellhole, attacked the media and its “phony narratives,” denounced “Soros-funded” prosecutors and criticized President Joe Biden over the southern border.

DeSantis Campaigns in Florida Amidst Mounting Criticism
DeSantis Campaigns in Florida Amidst Mounting Criticism

DeSantis’ Iowa-First Strategy

DeSantis’ campaign strategy has focused heavily on Iowa, with plans to reach all 99 counties in the state. However, his weak financial shape has forced him to spend a lot of this month raising money.

DeSantis’ Viability as a Candidate

DeSantis faced questions about his viability as a candidate during his Tampa event. He took some skeptical questions from voters and reporters, including whether he has more support in Florida than Trump, who is currently at his winter home at Mar-a-Lago in south Florida. “He won by three, I won by 20,” DeSantis replied, referencing how much Trump won Florida in the 2020 election and his own 2022 reelection margin of victory.

DeSantis’ campaign has been fraught with challenges since he announced his candidacy earlier this year. While he still has supporters in Florida, he faces an uphill battle against Trump’s popularity and fundraising prowess. Whether he can overcome these obstacles and emerge as a viable candidate for the Republican nomination remains to be seen.


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