50 prisoners burnt to death in Colombian prison fire


TULUA: At least 50 prisoners have been burned to death in a prison fire in Colombia, one of the South American countries. The fire broke out in the city of Tulua in southwestern Colombia. Relatives of the deceased prisoners gathered at the prison premises to protest. They got into a heated argument with the police who were on security duty there at the time. At the height of the rage the prison was broken into and looted.

50 prisoners burnt to death in Colombian prison fire
Parents attacked police and detainees. Inmates at the prison in Tulua were involved in a riot yesterday. During the riot, the prison caught fire. The fire, which spread to various rooms in Malamalavena, at some point spread throughout the prison. Of the 1267 inmates who were locked in 180 rooms, 49 died. Many more suffered severe burns. The injured are being treated at the hospital. Police are investigating the incident.


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