America’s Independence Day Program; 6 people killed in firing: Mysterious person arrested and investigated

Washington: While 6 people were killed in the shooting in the United States, the police are investigating the suspect. There has been a shooting incident in America again. A gunman opened fire during the Independence Day parade in Chicago’s Highland Park. 6 people were killed on the spot. Police have arrested a suspect, Robert Grimo (22), in connection with the attack.

America's Independence Day Program

According to the police, the attacker stood on the terrace and fired at hundreds of people with a high-powered gun. As a result, 6 people collapsed in a flood of blood on the spot. Hundreds have been injured. US President Joe Biden said of the shooting in Chicago, ‘I will not back down in the fight against the epidemic of gun violence. I offer my condolences to the families of those who died in the shooting,” he said.

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