The Blind Side Producers Defend Tuohys Amid Michael Oher Lawsuit


The producers of the 2009 hit movie The Blind Side have issued a statement in support of the Tuohy family, who are facing a lawsuit from Michael Oher, the former NFL player whose life story inspired the film.

Oher Accuses Tuohys of Exploiting Him

Oher, who played for the Baltimore Ravens and other teams, filed a petition in a Tennessee court on August 16, 2023, alleging that the Tuohys entered him into a conservatorship without his knowledge or consent when he was 18 years old. He claims that they misled him into believing that they were adopting him, and that they used his name, image, and likeness to profit from the movie and other ventures. He also alleges that they withheld his share of the royalties from the movie, which grossed over $300 million worldwide.

The Blind Side Producers Defend Tuohys Amid Michael Oher Lawsuit
The Blind Side Producers Defend Tuohys Amid Michael Oher Lawsuit

Oher is seeking to end the conservatorship and obtain a full accounting of the money that he says he is owed. He also wants the court to appoint an independent guardian ad litem to represent his interests.

Tuohys Deny Oher’s Allegations

The Tuohys, who are portrayed by Sandra Bullock and Tim McGraw in the movie, have denied Oher’s allegations and called them a “shakedown”. They said that they have always been transparent with Oher about the conservatorship and that they have split the profits from the movie with him equally. They also said that they have tried to help Oher with his personal and health issues, and that they still love him as their son.

The Tuohys’ attorney, Martin Singer, said that Oher’s petition is “filled with lies and distortions” and that he has “no legal basis” to challenge the conservatorship. Singer also said that Oher demanded $15 million from the Tuohys and threatened to plant a negative press story if they did not pay up.

Producers Express Solidarity with Tuohys

Broderick Johnson and Andrew Kosove, the co-founders of Alcon Entertainment, which financed and produced The Blind Side, released a statement on August 25, 2023, expressing their solidarity with the Tuohys. They said that they have known the Tuohys for over 15 years and that they are “honorable, generous, and compassionate people”. They also said that they have witnessed their “unwavering love and support” for Oher.

The producers also defended the movie, saying that it was based on Michael Lewis’ book, which was “meticulously researched and fact-checked”. They said that the movie was “an accurate and respectful portrayal” of Oher’s life story and that it was made with his “full cooperation and participation”. They added that they are “proud” of the movie and its positive impact on millions of people.

The producers concluded their statement by saying that they hope that Oher and the Tuohys can resolve their differences and heal their relationship.


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