Bornstein Seafoods to Consolidate Operations: Shuttering US Sites

Bornstein Seafoods, a family-owned business, is streamlining its operations in an “optimisation” drive. The company plans to close two US processing sites, focusing on consolidation within its facilities in Oregon. This strategic move aims to enhance operational efficiency and strengthen the company’s competitive edge in the market.

Bellingham, Washington: Closure and Job Impact

The Bellingham, Washington plant is set to close its doors in June, resulting in the loss of 72 jobs. A Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification filed with the Washington State Employment Security Department confirms this development. Bornstein Seafoods’ other affected facility is in Newport, Oregon, which is due to shut down in May, impacting 11-50 workers.

Consolidation into Astoria, Oregon

Operations in Bellingham and Newport will be consolidated into Bornstein Seafoods’ sites in Astoria, Oregon. President and CEO Colin Bornstein emphasizes that the company operates two facilities in Astoria. Bornstein Seafoods processes a range of species, from cod, salmon, and Albacore tuna to crab and shrimp.

Bornstein Seafoods
Bornstein Seafoods

Commitment to Industry and Sustainability

“This strategic move underscores the company’s unwavering dedication to supporting the industry and ensuring long-term success,” according a statement from Bornstein Seafoods. The repositioning of operations aligns with the company’s commitment to sustainability, quality, and innovation while better serving the needs of customers and partners in the West Coast seafood industry.

Supporting Employees During Transition

While the decision represents a significant step forward for the company, Bornstein Seafoods remains mindful of its impact on valued employees. The company assures its workforce that it is dedicated to supporting them during this transition period, providing job fair opportunities and access to other resources to assist them in finding alternative employment opportunities.

No Impact on Processing Capabilities

Despite the consolidation efforts, there will be no impact on Bornstein Seafoods’ processing capabilities. The company’s “optimisation efforts” ensure that it can continue to meet market demands effectively.

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