Breast cancer survivors strut their stuff in a fashion show to raise awareness

Breast cancer survivors came together on Wednesday night to raise awareness and celebrate life in a fashion show held in Brooklyn, New York. The event, called the Pink Runway, was organized by the Maimonides Breast Center and featured models who have all fought and overcome breast cancer.

The fashion show was held at the Maimonides Park in Coney Island, which was covered with pink lights and decorations. The models walked the runway in outfits donated by local designers and retailers, and shared their stories of courage and resilience with the audience.

Breast cancer survivors strut their stuff in a fashion show to raise awareness
Breast cancer survivors strut their stuff in a fashion show to raise awareness

The event was also a way to honor the medical staff and caregivers who supported the survivors throughout their journey. Dr. Patrick Borgen, the chair of surgery at Maimonides Medical Center, said that the event was about hope and optimism. “It’s about tomorrow and the next day,” he said.

A bond of sisterhood

The models, who ranged in age from 30 to 70, said that they felt a strong connection with each other, even though they had never met before. They said that they understood what each other had gone through, and that they were proud to be part of a community of survivors.

Cynthia Futrell-Wilson, one of the models, said that the fashion show was a way to celebrate their victory over cancer. “They’re all beautiful, they’re all fantastic, and I could wish them all the best forever,” she said.

Karen Carey, another model, said that she felt blessed to be alive after a long and difficult journey. She said that she had not only faced breast cancer, but also two heart issues. “I’m breathing, I’m walking, I’m talking, and hopefully riding my bike soon,” she said.

A message of awareness and prevention

The fashion show also aimed to spread the message of breast cancer awareness and prevention, especially among women of color, who are more likely to die from the disease than white women. According to the American Cancer Society, breast cancer is the most common cancer among women in the United States, and the second leading cause of cancer death.

The organizers of the event encouraged women to get regular mammograms and check-ups, and to seek help if they notice any changes in their breasts. They also urged women to adopt a healthy lifestyle, such as eating well, exercising, and avoiding smoking and alcohol.

The event also raised funds for the Maimonides Breast Center, which provides comprehensive and compassionate care for breast cancer patients and their families. The center offers state-of-the-art diagnosis, treatment, and support services, as well as clinical trials and research programs.

The Pink Runway was the first of its kind in Brooklyn, and the organizers hope to make it an annual tradition. They said that they wanted to inspire and empower women who are facing breast cancer, and to show them that they are not alone.

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