Britney Spears Breaks Silence on Instagram After Splitting from Sam Asghari

Britney Spears Breaks Silence on Instagram After Splitting from Sam Asghari

Britney Spears is back on Instagram after news broke that she and Sam Asghari have parted ways. The singer shared a photo of herself wearing a white dress and holding a bouquet of flowers, along with a caption that read: “Some say the world will end in fire, some say in ice. From what I’ve tasted of desire I hold with those who favor fire. But if it had to perish twice, I think I know enough of hate to say that for destruction ice is also great and would suffice.” The quote is from a poem by Robert Frost, titled “Fire and Ice”.

Spears did not directly address the reports of her breakup, but many fans interpreted her post as a subtle hint at her relationship status. Some expressed their support and love for the pop star, while others speculated about the reasons behind the split.

Britney Spears Breaks Silence on Instagram After Splitting from Sam Asghari
Britney Spears Breaks Silence on Instagram After Splitting from Sam Asghari

Sources claim that Asghari confronted Spears over cheating allegations, leading to a “nuclear” row.

According to TMZ, Asghari and Spears have separated after 14 months of marriage amid claims that he confronted her over cheating allegations, resulting in a “nuclear” row. The outlet reported that Asghari has moved out of the couple’s home and is planning to file for divorce soon.

The sources also claimed that Asghari had suspicions about Spears’ fidelity for a while, and that he found evidence on her phone that confirmed his fears. The couple reportedly had a heated argument that ended their relationship.

Spears and Asghari got married in June 2022 after four years of dating.

Spears and Asghari met on the set of her “Slumber Party” music video in 2016, where he played her love interest. They started dating shortly after, and made their red carpet debut in 2019 at the premiere of Quentin Tarantino’s “Once Upon A Time In Hollywood”.

The couple got engaged in September 2021, days after Spears’ father Jamie filed a petition to end the conservatorship that had controlled her life and finances since 2008. The conservatorship was terminated in November 2021, after 13 years.

Spears and Asghari tied the knot in June 2022 at their home in Thousand Oaks, Los Angeles, in front of about 100 guests and a few family members. The wedding was attended by celebrities such as Paris Hilton, Madonna, Selena Gomez and Drew Barrymore. Spears announced the news on Instagram, writing: “Wow !!! Holy holy crap !!! WE DID IT !!! WE GOT MARRIED.”

Spears and Asghari announced their pregnancy in April 2022, but suffered a loss in May 2022.

In April 2022, Spears revealed that she and Asghari were expecting their first child together. She shared a photo of her baby bump on Instagram, writing: “We are beyond excited to share this amazing news with you all !!! We are pregnant !!!”

The pregnancy announcement came less than a year after Spears told a judge that she was forced to have an IUD to prevent her from having more children while under the conservatorship. She said: “I want to be able to get married and have a baby.”

However, in May 2022, the couple shared a heartbreaking statement that they had suffered a pregnancy loss. They wrote: “This is a devastating time for any parent. Perhaps we should have waited until we were further along however we were overly excited to share the good news. Our love for each other is our strength. We will continue trying to expand our beautiful family.”

Spears has been married twice before, to Jason Alexander and Kevin Federline.

Spears’ marriage to Asghari was her third trip down the aisle. She was previously married to Jason Alexander, a childhood friend, for less than three days in 2004. She later had the marriage annulled.

She was also married to Kevin Federline, a former backup dancer, from 2004 to 2007. They have two sons together, Sean Preston and Jayden James, who are now 17 and 16 years old respectively.

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