Channel Seven’s new reality show ‘Made in Bondi’ faces backlash from locals

Channel Seven has announced a new reality show called ‘Made in Bondi’, which will follow the lives and loves of Sydney’s young, social elite. The show is inspired by the success of ‘Made in Chelsea’, a British series that showcases the glamorous and drama-filled lifestyles of wealthy Londoners. However, not everyone is happy with the idea of turning Bondi into a reality TV hotspot. Many locals have slammed the show as ‘unrealistic’ and ‘the last thing Bondi needs’.

What is ‘Made in Bondi’?

‘Made in Bondi’ is a structured-reality show, which means that it will feature real people in real situations, but with some degree of scripting and editing to create a narrative. The show will premiere in 2024 and will be co-produced by Channel Seven and British broadcaster E4, which is also behind ‘Made in Chelsea’. According to Channel Seven, the show will “follow the lives and loves of Sydney’s young, social elite” and give viewers “a front-row seat to parties, fashion, and romances”. The network also said that “from trendy bars to luxurious harbourside mansions, this group of young socialites will navigate the interconnected web of relationships that define their lives”.

Channel Seven’s new reality show ‘Made in Bondi’ faces backlash from locals
Channel Seven’s new reality show ‘Made in Bondi’ faces backlash from locals

Why are locals unhappy with the show?

Many Bondi residents have expressed their dissatisfaction with the show, saying that it will portray an inaccurate and stereotypical image of the iconic coastal suburb. They fear that the show will focus on a handful of cosmetically enhanced, entitled rich kids who do not represent the diversity and community spirit of Bondi. Some of the comments from locals on social media include:

  • “Australia’s media output is getting more Sydney-centric and less meaningful by the day.”
  • “The real elite wouldn’t be caught dead doing this.”
  • “I wonder if it’ll just be coke, kale smoothies and influencers?”

Jean, a mother in her 40s who has lived in Bondi all her life, told Yahoo Lifestyle: “The last thing Bondi needs is more unrealistic media reinforcing these stereotypes [that everybody is an influencer here]. This is one of the most diverse suburbs in Sydney with such a strong sense of community but that is never highlighted.”

Pilar, who works in a cafe by Bondi Beach, added that the “real Bondi” is families, backpackers and people of all ages and nationalities enjoying the hot weather together.

How does ‘Made in Bondi’ compare to ‘Made in Chelsea’?

‘Made in Chelsea’ is one of the most popular reality shows in the UK, having aired for 22 seasons since 2011. The show has won several awards, including a BAFTA for Reality and Constructed Factual Programme in 2013. The show has also spawned several spin-offs, such as ‘Made in Chelsea: NYC’, ‘Made in Chelsea: LA’, ‘Made in Chelsea: South of France’ and ‘Made in Chelsea: Croatia’. The show features a cast of affluent young people who live in or around the posh areas of Chelsea and Kensington in London. The show documents their personal and professional lives, as well as their romantic entanglements and dramas.

‘Made in Bondi’ will be the first international version of ‘Made in Chelsea’, and it remains to be seen how it will adapt to the Australian context and culture. It is also unclear who will be cast as the stars of the show, and whether they will have any connection to Bondi or Sydney. Some fans of ‘Made in Chelsea’ have expressed their excitement for the new spin-off, while others have questioned its relevance and originality.

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