London, October 16, 2023 — The world of fashion and art often intersect, with designers drawing inspiration from artistic movements and masterpieces. However, some designers take a bold leap beyond the runway, transitioning from fashion to full-fledged art careers. Here are five notable designers who have embraced this creative shift:

1. Lucille Lewin: From Whistles to Canvas

Lucille Lewin, the founder of Whistles, has made a remarkable transition from fashion to fine art. After her stint as creative director at Liberty in the noughties, Lewin embarked on a new chapter as a painter. Her vibrant canvases now capture emotions and stories that transcend fabric and stitching. Inspired by artists like Wassily Kandinsky and Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Lewin’s work bridges the gap between fashion and visual art.

Five Designers Who Traded Fashion for Art Careers
Five Designers Who Traded Fashion for Art Careers

2. Suzanne Clements: Co-founder of Clements Ribeiro

Suzanne Clements, co-founder of the fashion label Clements Ribeiro, found herself yearning for a different form of expression. “When I started out, fashion was about being different,” she reflects. Seeking an escape from the industry’s constraints, Clements turned to painting. Her canvases now echo her unique perspective, blending color and texture in ways that fabric never could.

3. Graeme Black: A Journey from Runways to Galleries

Graeme Black joins the ranks of designers who have traded catwalks for galleries. Known for his elegant designs, Black’s transition to art has been both gradual and deliberate. His paintings explore themes of identity and self-discovery, revealing layers beyond the seams of his previous collections. Black’s artistic journey is a testament to the fluidity between fashion and creativity.

4. Gauri and Nainika: A Family Affair with Art

Fashion siblings Gauri and Nainika have always been surrounded by art in their family. From childhood exposure to renowned artists like S.H. Raza to their recent collections inspired by Kandinsky’s abstract forms, their designs reflect an artistic sensibility. The duo’s fusion of fashion and art continues to captivate audiences worldwide.

5. Shivan & Narresh: Luxury Wear Meets Artistic Influence

Shivan & Narresh have redefined Indian luxury wear with their bold holiday collections. Their approach draws inspiration from both art and travel—two realms that intersect seamlessly in their designs. As they delve into contemporary art influences, their luxury holidaywear becomes a canvas for self-expression and cultural exploration.


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