Meet the Students at the Forefront of the Sustainable Fashion Movement

Sustainable fashion is no longer a niche concern; it’s a global movement gaining momentum. At the University of Sydney, students are leading the charge, advocating for environmentally friendly fashion and raising awareness about the impact of our clothing choices. Let’s meet these passionate individuals who are reshaping the industry.

1. USYD Fashion Revolution Society: Empowering Change

The USYD Fashion Revolution Society, established as a branch of the global Fashion Revolution NGO, is committed to transforming the fashion industry. Inspired by the tragic Rana Plaza collapse in Bangladesh, where 1,134 garment workers lost their lives, this society campaigns for a more socially and environmentally responsible fashion world. Through events like clothes swaps, panel discussions, and sewing workshops, they educate fellow students about ethical and sustainable practices. Their goal? To empower everyone to make conscious choices when purchasing garments and to share that knowledge with their peers.

Meet the Students at the Forefront of the Sustainable Fashion Movement
Meet the Students at the Forefront of the Sustainable Fashion Movement

2. Building Connections for Change

USYD Fashion Revolution doesn’t work in isolation. They collaborate with organizations like ActionAid Australia, Oxfam, and Baptist World Aid. These connections broaden avenues for engagement with ethical fashion. Additionally, they support small Australian businesses committed to sustainability, such as Clingy Bags and The Social Outfit.

3. Upcoming Event: Ethical Fashion Panel and Swap

On October 19th, USYD Fashion Revolution will host an event on ethical fashion in collaboration with the University’s Modern Slavery Unit and the Business School’s MBA Dimensions Program. The panel discussion will feature speakers like Clare Press, an ethical fashion journalist and author. Attendees can participate in a Fashion Swap while networking with like-minded individuals.

Spotlight on Lily: Insights from a Sustainability Advocate

Lily, Social Media Manager of USYD Fashion Revolution Society, shares her insights:

  • Fashion Red Flags: Avoid buying from fast fashion companies or poorly made garments that won’t last.
  • Thrifting: Lily recommends local thrift stores like Reunion in Newtown and Vinnies for sustainable finds.
  • Educate Yourself: Before making purchases, educate yourself about environmentally-friendly clothing.

Remember, every choice we make impacts our planet. Let’s follow in the footsteps of these students and create a more sustainable future through our fashion choices.


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