Dream Come True: Royal Superfan Thanks The Sun for Coronation Wish


A royal superfan has thanked The Sun for granting his wish to attend the coronation of King Charles III — and said it was a dream come true.

Royal Superfan Thanks The Sun for Coronation Wish
Royal Superfan Thanks The Sun for Coronation Wish

A Wish Fulfilled

The coronation of King Charles III is set to take place on 5/6/2023, and one lucky fan will be in attendance thanks to The Sun. Werner, an American royal superfan, joined a handful of the most hardcore fans enduring Britain’s cold nights and unpredictable weather to guarantee a clear view of the procession route. His dedication paid off when he received an invitation from The Sun to attend the coronation as their guest.

Werner expressed his excitement at being able to witness history in the making: “I’m so excited that I can finally say my dream of attending a royal coronation is coming true! I’ve been following the British monarchy for years and this is such an incredible opportunity. I can’t thank The Sun enough for granting me this wish!”

Who Else Is Attending?

The guest list for the coronation includes royalty, world leaders, volunteers, celebrities, and more. Queen Elizabeth II’s platinum jubilee saw a lineup including Diana Ross, Elton John, and Tom Jones performing at Buckingham Palace — however, it seems no one wants to perform at King Charles’ coronation. Despite invitations being sent out by Buckingham Palace, there have been no takers yet.

Visit London has invited one of America’s biggest royal superfans with a special trip to the UK capital for the coronation. This lucky fan will get to experience all that London has to offer while also getting front row seats at what promises to be an unforgettable event.

Predictions For King Charles’ Coronation

Two royal “superfans” who foresaw the deaths of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip have revealed some very ominous predictions for King Charles’ coronation. While they remain tight-lipped about their predictions, they do express concern about what may happen during or after the event. Only time will tell if their predictions come true or not — but one thing is certain: it will be an historic day that many will never forget.


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