GM, Magna, and Wipro launch SDVerse, a new platform for automotive software

General Motors (GM), Magna, and Wipro have announced the launch of SDVerse, a new platform that connects buyers and sellers of automotive software. The platform aims to revolutionize the automotive software sourcing and procurement process by providing a transparent and efficient digital marketplace.

SDVerse serves as an automotive app store for software developers and buyers

SDVerse is a B2B platform that allows automotive software developers to showcase their products and features, and allows car manufacturers and other potential customers to search and explore the available software products through a comprehensive catalogue. Sales and purchases can be made directly through the platform, offering a seamless experience for all participants.

automotive software
automotive software

SDVerse focuses on matching automotive software buyers and sellers, rather than developing software in-house. The platform claims to overcome the current inefficiencies and challenges in software development and procurement, such as high costs, low quality, and slow delivery. The platform also claims to offer a wide range of benefits across the industry, such as:

  • Reducing the time and resources required for software development and integration
  • Increasing the quality and reliability of software products and services
  • Enhancing the innovation and differentiation of software features and functions
  • Improving the customer satisfaction and loyalty with software-defined vehicles

SDVerse is supported by leading companies and experts in the automotive industry

SDVerse is a joint venture between GM, Magna, and Wipro, three leading companies in the automotive industry. GM is one of the largest car manufacturers in the world, Magna is a global automotive supplier, and Wipro is a technology services and consulting company. The three companies bring their expertise and resources to the platform, and aim to create a collaborative and competitive ecosystem for automotive software.

SDVerse is also backed by an exclusive “Launch Partner” group, which includes Ampere*, FEV, Forvia, HL Mando, NXP Semiconductors, TTTech Auto, and Valeo. These companies are among the first to join the platform, and offer their software products and services to the market. SDVerse welcomes more participants from across the automotive value chain to join the platform and benefit from its offerings.

SDVerse is led by Prashant Gulati, a veteran and visionary in automotive software

SDVerse is led by Prashant Gulati, who has been appointed as the CEO of the platform effective March 5th, 2024. Gulati has more than 20 years of experience in launching and leading automotive organizations, and is a thought leader in software technology, especially in the fields of AI and machine learning. Gulati has a vision to transform the automotive industry with software, and to create a platform that serves the needs and expectations of both software developers and buyers.

SDVerse is currently in development and expected to launch later this year. The platform will feature hundreds of automotive software products, covering various domains and functions, such as infotainment, connectivity, safety, security, and mobility. The platform will also host a livestream panel discussion on April 4th, where representatives from GM, Magna, and Wipro will offer more details and insights about the platform.

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