Tesla’s Berlin factory hit by power outage after far-left sabotage

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin, Germany, was forced to evacuate and halt production on Tuesday after a far-left group claimed responsibility for cutting off the power supply to the plant. The group, called Volcano, said it wanted to cause the biggest possible blackout to the factory, which it accused of being neither ecological nor socially just.

Volcano group admits to setting fire to electricity pylon

The Volcano group, which describes itself as a left-wing extremist group, released a statement on a website saying that it had sabotaged the electricity pylon that supplied power to the Tesla factory and the surrounding area. The group said it had set fire to the pylon in the early hours of Tuesday morning, causing a major power outage that affected thousands of households and businesses.

The group said it had targeted Tesla because it was a symbol of the capitalist and technological system that exploited natural resources and human labor. The group also criticized Tesla’s founder and CEO, Elon Musk, for being a “billionaire megalomaniac” who wanted to colonize Mars and control the world. The group said it wanted to disrupt Tesla’s plans to expand its factory and produce more electric cars, which it claimed were not ecological or sustainable.


Police and fire brigade respond to the incident

The police and the fire brigade were alerted to the incident at around 5:15 a.m. local time, and arrived at the scene to find the pylon in flames. The fire brigade managed to extinguish the fire, but the damage to the pylon was severe. A police helicopter was also deployed to survey the area.

The police said they were investigating the incident as a case of arson, and that they had found a sign near the pylon that said “ordnance buried here”. The police said they had called in bomb disposal experts to check the area for any explosives. The police also said they were looking into the claim of responsibility by the Volcano group, but that they had not confirmed its authenticity or involvement.

Tesla faces production delays and losses

Tesla said that the power outage had forced it to evacuate and stop production at its Gigafactory, which is located in Grünheide, near Berlin. The factory, which is still under construction, is expected to start producing Model Y electric SUVs later this year, and to have a capacity of 500,000 vehicles per year. The factory is also expected to produce batteries and other components for Tesla’s vehicles.

Tesla said that it had taken all the necessary measures to secure the factory, but that it did not expect the power supply to be restored quickly. Tesla said that the incident had caused significant delays and losses, which it estimated to be in the hundreds of millions of euros. Tesla also said that it was working with the authorities and the electricity provider to resolve the situation as soon as possible.

Tesla faces opposition and criticism in Germany

Tesla’s Gigafactory in Berlin has faced opposition and criticism from various groups and stakeholders in Germany, who have raised concerns about its environmental and social impact. Some of the issues that have been raised include:

  • The deforestation of a large area of pine forest to make way for the factory, which has sparked protests from environmental activists and local residents
  • The high consumption of water by the factory, which could affect the groundwater level and the quality of drinking water in a region that suffers from drought
  • The potential pollution and noise caused by the factory, which could affect the wildlife and the health of the people living nearby
  • The lack of transparency and consultation by Tesla, which has been accused of ignoring the local regulations and authorities
  • The competition and pressure that Tesla poses to the German car industry, which is struggling to catch up with the electric vehicle market

Tesla has defended its Gigafactory, saying that it will create thousands of jobs and boost the economy, and that it will comply with all the environmental and legal standards. Tesla has also said that it will use renewable energy and innovative technology to minimize its ecological footprint, and that it will plant more trees and protect more land than it has cleared.

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