Google unveils new shopping features for Search and Chrome

Google is making it easier for online shoppers to find the best deals and discounts on the web. The tech giant announced on Tuesday that it is adding new shopping tools to its Search and Chrome products, which will help users compare prices, track price drops, and access coupon codes.

One of the new features is a dedicated page for deals on Search, which can be accessed by typing “shop deals” in the search box. Users will see a carousel of product categories, such as electronics, apparel, toys, and home & garden, which they can browse to find on-sale items from various retailers. Google will also show the original and markdown prices, as well as the estimated shipping date and the seller name.

Google unveils new shopping features for Search and Chrome
Google unveils new shopping features for Search and Chrome

Users who are signed in to their Google accounts will also get personalized deals based on their previous shopping activity. For example, if they have searched for a specific brand or product before, they will see relevant deals in the results.

Track prices and get alerts on Chrome

Another new feature is the price tracking tool on Chrome, which lets users save products they are interested in and get notified when the price drops. Users can access this feature by clicking on the bell icon next to the product name on any supported website, or by using the “Resume browsing” card on Chrome’s new tab page.

Chrome will also show users a new “shopping insights” label on the address bar when they visit a website where Google collects data for its price insights feature. This feature shows users the typical price range and the price history graph for the last 90 days of a product, which can help them decide whether to buy it or not.

Additionally, Chrome will also display a “discount tag” icon on the address bar when it detects available coupon codes for a product. Users can click on the icon to see the list of codes and copy them to use at checkout.

Shop smarter and save money with Google

These new shopping features are part of Google’s efforts to enhance its Shopping Graph, which is a comprehensive data set of products, sellers, brands, reviews, and inventory that powers Google’s shopping experiences. Google says that these features will help users shop smarter and save money, especially during the upcoming holiday season.

Google also says that these features are rolling out to users now, though some of them may not be available in all regions or devices yet. Users can check out the official Google blog post for more details and tips on how to use these features.

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