Backbone One gets a new carrying case and a revised D-pad

Backbone, the company behind the popular mobile gaming controller Backbone One, has announced some exciting news for its fans. The company has launched a new carrying case for the controller, as well as a revised version of the device with an improved D-pad. Here are the details.

The new carrying case for the Backbone One is designed to protect the controller from scratches, dust, and damage while traveling or storing. The case is made of durable and lightweight material, and features a zipper closure and a wrist strap. The case is available in two colors: black and white. The black case has the Backbone logo on it, while the white case is a PlayStation Edition, with the PlayStation logo and colors. The case is compatible with all Backbone controllers, regardless of the model or color. The case costs $29.99 and can be ordered from the Backbone website.

Backbone One gets a new carrying case and a revised D-pad
Backbone One gets a new carrying case and a revised D-pad

The revised D-pad enhances immersion

The revised version of the Backbone One controller has a new D-pad that is more responsive and comfortable to use. The company claims that the new D-pad enhances immersion across multiple genres of gameplay, such as platformers, fighters, and RPGs. The new D-pad also has a more distinct shape and feel, making it easier to distinguish from the other buttons. The revised controller also has magnetic adapters that allow it to fit better on a wider range of phones, including the iPhone 15 and the best Android phones. The revised controller is available in both black and white colors, and costs $99.99. It can be ordered from the Backbone website or from Amazon.

The Backbone app gets a makeover

Along with the new hardware, Backbone has also updated its app, which serves as a mobile game launcher and a social hub for gamers. The app has a new look and feel, with more detailed information on the games, such as genre, developer, publisher, and ratings. The app also lets users record and share their gameplay, chat with friends, and discover new games. The app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices, and can be downloaded for free from the App Store or the Google Play Store. As a bonus, Backbone users can also get three months of Apple Arcade for free, which gives them access to hundreds of exclusive games on their iPhones.

Backbone One is one of the best mobile gaming controllers on the market, and the new carrying case and the revised D-pad make it even better. If you are looking for a way to enhance your mobile gaming experience, you should definitely check out the Backbone One and its accessories.

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