Kody Brown Slams Ex-Wife Christine as ‘Machiavellian’ on ‘Sister Wives’

The reality TV star reveals his bitter feelings towards his former spouse in a tense lunch meeting.

Kody and Christine’s first encounter since their split

Kody Brown, the star of TLC’s “Sister Wives,” did not mince words when he met his ex-wife Christine Brown for the first time since she moved from Arizona to Utah. The former couple, who announced their divorce in November 2021 after over 25 years of “spiritual” marriage, had a tense lunch conversation that aired on Sunday’s episode of the show.

Kody confessed to the cameras that he had “anxiety attacks” when he drove past the house they shared before Christine’s departure. He also accused her of being “Machiavellian” and “playing nice while stabbing you in the back.” He said he would rather continue “hating” her than trying to be friendly with her.

Kody Brown Slams Ex-Wife Christine as ‘Machiavellian’ on ‘Sister Wives’
Kody Brown Slams Ex-Wife Christine as ‘Machiavellian’ on ‘Sister Wives’

Christine, on the other hand, seemed to be in a lighter mood and laughed at their daughter Gwendlyn’s impersonation of Kody when he was sick with COVID-19. She told the producers that she did not think about Kody as much as he thought she did. She also said that she was grateful that she decided to leave him after realizing that his actions over the course of 10 years had “demolished” his goal of living polygamy successfully.

Kody and Christine’s co-parenting challenges

The exes have six children together: Aspyn, 28; Mykelti, 27; Paedon, 25; Gwendlyn, 21; Ysabel, 20; and Truely, 13. Their split has affected their relationship with their kids, especially Truely, who is the youngest and still lives with Christine.

Kody and Christine had to coordinate Kody’s Christmas visitation with Truely, who was unaware of their divorce at the time. Christine said she was afraid that the news would “accidentally slip” out in front of her. Her worst fear came true later in the episode, when she had to tell Truely that they were moving to Utah and that her marriage to Kody had ended without him being present for the conversation.

Kody also claimed that Christine was speaking badly about him to their children behind his back and pitting them against him. Christine denied this and said that she was only acting as a sounding board for her kids when they needed help. She said that Kody could not pick favorites or stay at one person’s house and expect to have a big, happy family. She was presumably referring to the fact that Kody only stayed at his fourth wife Robyn’s house during the height of the pandemic.

Kody and Christine’s future prospects

Kody and Christine are not the only ones who have struggled with their polygamous lifestyle. Kody’s first wife Meri has also been vocal about her dissatisfaction with their marriage and has hinted at leaving him as well. Kody’s second wife Janelle has expressed her frustration with the lack of communication and unity among the wives. Kody’s third wife Robyn has been accused by fans of being his favorite and manipulating him.

Kody has four wives and 18 children in total. He has said that he does not regret living polygamy, but he has also admitted that it is not easy or fun. He has faced legal and financial troubles due to his unconventional family structure. He has also faced criticism from viewers and the public for his treatment of his wives and children.

Christine has said that she is happier and more independent since leaving Kody. She has been posting positive messages and photos on her social media accounts. She has also been spending more time with her kids and grandkids in Utah. She has said that she does not want to date anyone else or remarry.

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