Luca Magliano’s Return to Pitti Uomo: A Celebration of Classic Men’s Fashion

Luca Magliano, the Italian designer behind the namesake label, is back at Pitti Uomo, the men’s trade show in Florence, with a collection that explores the world of classic men’s fashion. The show, which took place on Wednesday, January 10, 2024, marked a homecoming experience for Magliano, who had debuted at the fair in 2018 with a collection dubbed “Wardrobe for a Man in Love”.

Magliano described his latest collection as “a constant acceleration” that reflects his journey in the past five years since launching his brand. He said he wanted to engage in a conversation on what can be billed as traditional menswear today, while adding his own intellectual and emotional touch.

Luca Magliano’s Return to Pitti Uomo: A Celebration of Classic Men’s Fashion
Luca Magliano’s Return to Pitti Uomo: A Celebration of Classic Men’s Fashion

The collection featured fluid pants and blazers worn with stand-up collars, jackets knotted at the waist or cropped as short as boleros, bulky outerwear such as elongated bombers and toggle jackets with misplaced fasteners, and vintage-y knits and sweater sets. The designer also experimented with different fabrics and textures, such as sequins, fur, leather and wool.

One of the highlights of the show was Magliano’s collaboration with Kiton, one of the most prestigious Italian tailors. The designer said he had always been fascinated by Kiton’s identity and values, and decided to create two handmade suits in black and white that he called “the first expression of my collaboration”. He said he wanted to forge a link between different universes based on ethical, high-quality and Made in Italy fashion.

A Powerful Message of Acceptance and Togetherness

Magliano said he was inspired by ordinary life and everyday people to create his collection. He said he wanted to portray characters that were “familiar yet distant”, “real yet fictional”, “human yet extraordinary”. He used street casting and people from his inner circle to model his clothes during the finale.

He also said he wanted to convey a powerful message of acceptance and togetherness through his fashion. He said he was influenced by social movements such as Black Lives Matter and LGBTQ+ rights, as well as by personal experiences such as losing his father at a young age. He said he used colors such as gray, mud and sage green to represent different emotions and moods.

He also added some playful elements to his collection, such as repurposing Borsalino hats into paper party hats or using cat-bearing fuzzy sweaters. He said he wanted to make fun of himself and challenge conventions.

A Homecoming Experience for Magliano

Magliano said returning to Pitti Uomo after five years was a beautiful experience for him. He said he felt welcomed by the organizers and impressed by their work. He praised them for having worked with so many designers from different backgrounds and styles.

He also thanked Florence for being a city that inspires him every day. He said he loved walking around its streets and discovering its history and culture. He said he felt connected to its spirit and identity.

Magliano’s show was one of the most anticipated ones at Pitti Uomo this year. It showcased his talent as one of Italy’s fashion stars who can blend tradition with innovation. It also demonstrated his vision as one of today’s most influential designers who can make an impact through fashion.

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