Passion Ark Showcases Global Digital Marketing Solutions at Gamescom Asia

Gamescom Asia, one of the largest annual gaming events in Asia, concluded on October 23, 2023. Passion Ark, a leading global digital marketing provider under NetEase Youdao, emerged as an important exhibitor and achieved noteworthy milestones during the exhibition.

Passion Ark: A One-Stop Solution for Global Game Manufacturers

Passion Ark provides a one-stop solution for global game manufacturers for full-cycle quality communication, global KOL marketing, global game live streaming, and AI creative material placement. This business operates in over 75 countries and regions globally. It brings together more than 2.1 million internet creators from around the world on its platform. With 3 layers of precision AI matching and efficient reach capabilities, it helps internationalize games by connecting developers with a vast network of gaming and live-streaming talent.

Passion Ark Showcases Global Digital Marketing Solutions at Gamescom Asia
Passion Ark Showcases Global Digital Marketing Solutions at Gamescom Asia

Passion Ark: Leveraging AI to Enhance Marketing Performance

Since 2022, Passion Ark has been continuously strengthening AI’s marketing applications, including AIGC advertising content material creation, AI live streaming, and applications in specific business areas such as KOL marketing and data analysis. Youdao’s influencer marketing platform leverages AI to improve outreach efficiency and cooperation rates. Through techniques including label processing, semantic rewriting and strategic iteration using machine learning, the system enhances both contacting suitable influencers and the chances of cooperation. This data-driven approach uses AI to accurately match businesses with global online creators worldwide in an optimized way.

The self-developed AIGC advertising creative material mass production and management tool, which not only improves work efficiency but also helps customers achieve significant ROI improvement, has seen strong results in the gaming industry.

Passion Ark: Collaborating with Influencers and Game Developers

Bachar Alkayal (@ Bashark), one of the most popular YouTube gamers in the United Arab Emirates and the Middle East, shared in a conference speech that “I have been on a YouTube journey since I was 13 years old, and I am particularly interested in shooting games such as Call of Duty. The exclusive contract with Passion Ark allows me to explore more dimensions and deeper collaborations with more games.”

By showcasing excellent localization capabilities and AI innovation-driven digital marketing solutions, Passion Ark further consolidates its leading position in the global digital marketing field. “Our collaboration with Passion Ark has achieved tremendous success, thanks to the company’s professional marketing capabilities, vast KOL resources, and high-quality user base. We look forward to continuing to collaborate and expand into more markets,” said Sean, marketing head of globally renowned gaming company Lilith.

Feng Qingqiang, General Manager of Passion Ark, said, “Our advantage lies in our global exclusive collaboration with influencers and excellent content creators.”

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