Police Examine Cryptocurrency Ponzi Scheme after funds vanished


Cryptocurrency Ponzi scheme: The Auckland City Financial Crime Unit has been surveying reports including Quwiex Limited, which was promising casualties high everyday returns through their foundation.

Queen Limited was enlisted in New Zealand in September 2021 through data police said was viewed as distorted.

Individuals who contributed at first got interested and had the option to pull out reserves, Detective Sergeant James Robson said. In mid-April the plan suspended withdrawals referring to a site overhaul, he said.

“In any case, the site was deactivated on the date the redesign should be finished.” Investors’ assets had vanished.

Cryptocurrency  Ponzi scheme

Police made inquiries into the alleged head of this organization, including a provided New Zealand address. “Tragically, the character archives are phony and there is no association with the location provided,” Robson said.

“No genuine connections to New Zealand have had the option to be distinguished, and that implies those associated with this trick are based seaward.”

Robson said the casualties had accidentally become engaged with a plan that bore every one of the signs of a Ponzi plot. “Sadly, as individuals behind these tricksters are based seaward the probability of recuperating their misfortunes is very low.”

Police exhorted casualties not to draw in with organizations or individuals offering the possibility of recuperating their assets. “As far as we can tell these administrations, which expect casualties to pay, have not accomplished any sure outcomes.”

For exhortation on staying away from online venture tricks and what to do on the off chance that you succumb to one, see the Finance Markets Authority (FMA) site. The FMA put out an advance notice about the organization in April.


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