School, Institutions Closing Clean Empty Petrol in Sri Lanka: Overall Nation Paralyzed

Colombo: Petrol and diesel currently in stock in Sri Lanka will run out in a few days. Thus, schools are closed. All companies have ordered employees to work from home. Sri Lanka is facing an unprecedented economic crisis. Due to the shortage of foreign exchange, the government is unable to buy petrol, diesel and gas. India has been able to attack for the past few months with help. Meanwhile, with India’s fuel loan agreement coming to an end, Sri Lanka’s stock of petrol and diesel is still a few days away. Thus, the token is distributed in petrol stocks and distributed to the people accordingly. Thus, people with tokens wait in long queues in front of the petrol punk for more than 4 days.

To reduce the use of petrol and diesel, all schools have been closed. Government and private sector employees are ordered to work from home. To deal with the situation, a group of Sri Lankan ministers went to Russia yesterday to hold talks on buying crude oil from Russia at concessional prices. Meanwhile, a US delegation paid a four-day visit to Sri Lanka to assist Sri Lanka economically.


Kelly Geiterling, Assistant Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs, Robert Cabroth, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, and Julie J. Sung, US Ambassador to Sri Lanka, called on President Gotabhaya Rajapaksa yesterday. In this context, the Cabinet has announced that due to the fuel shortage, only the essential sectors including port, defense, electricity and exports will be operational till the 10th of next month and all other services will be suspended.

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