Suki Waterhouse reveals how Robert Pattinson changed her life

Suki Waterhouse, the British model and actress, has opened up about her relationship with Robert Pattinson, the star of The Batman. In a rare interview, she shared how he was supportive of her when she moved in with him and how he reacted to her decision to take a break from dating before meeting him.

Suki Waterhouse took a ‘bout of celibacy’ before dating Robert Pattinson

Waterhouse revealed that she had abstained from sex and dating for six months before she started seeing Pattinson in 2018. She said that this period of celibacy helped her to get clear and comfortable with being by herself. She also said that it made her relationship with Pattinson feel extra special.

“It turned out to be great. I got very clear and got very comfortable with being by myself—then I ended up meeting my boyfriend,” she said on Apple’s Driven Minds: A Type 7 podcast. “It’s just something about taking away the chaos of receiving attention, having to deal with it and texting people and getting those lurches of excitement.”

Suki Waterhouse reveals how Robert Pattinson changed her life

Suki Waterhouse moved in with Robert Pattinson during the pandemic

Waterhouse also shared what it was like to move in with Pattinson during the pandemic. She said that she had a lot of anxiety because she was not there for the move and everything just got boxed up and sent. She also said that she hired a professional cleaner to help organize her things before she moved out of her apartment and into his space.

However, she praised Pattinson for being “so accepting” of the mess and the chaos that she brought with her. She said that he never complained about it and even found it charming. “He kind of thinks it’s like, charming. So I’m very lucky for that,” she said.

Suki Waterhouse and Robert Pattinson keep their relationship low-key

Waterhouse and Pattinson have been dating since 2018, but they have kept their relationship mostly private. They have only been spotted together a few times in public, such as at the Met Gala this year, where they looked stunning in matching outfits. They have also rarely talked about each other in interviews, preferring to focus on their careers.

Pattinson, who is set to play Batman in the upcoming film, has previously said that he does not like to share his personal life with the media. He told The Sunday Times in 2019 that he thinks it devalues what love is if he lets strangers in. He also said that he does not understand how some people can walk down the street holding hands and be okay with being photographed.

Waterhouse, who has starred in films such as The Divergent Series: Insurgent and Assassination Nation, has also been discreet about her love life. She has dated celebrities such as Bradley Cooper and Diego Luna in the past, but she has never confirmed or denied any rumors about them.

The couple seems to be very happy and committed to each other, despite their low profile. A source told Us Weekly in July that they have discussed getting engaged but are in no rush. The source also said that they are a really good match and their relationship is stronger than ever.

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