YouTube has announced a new feature called Super Thanks that allows viewers to tip their favorite creators with a one-time payment. The feature is similar to Super Chat and Super Stickers, which let fans pay to highlight their messages during live streams. Super Thanks is available for both live and pre-recorded videos, and it gives creators another way to monetize their content and connect with their fans.

How Super Thanks Works

Super Thanks is a feature that lets viewers show their appreciation for a creator’s video by sending them a tip. The tip can range from $2 to $50, depending on the viewer’s region and currency. When a viewer sends a Super Thanks, they will see an animated GIF of a colorful balloon and a highlighted comment to the creator. The creator will also receive an email notification of the tip and can reply to the comment.

YouTube Launches New Feature to Help Creators Earn More Money
YouTube Launches New Feature to Help Creators Earn More Money

Super Thanks is currently in beta and available to thousands of creators in 68 countries who are part of the YouTube Partner Program. YouTube plans to expand the feature to all eligible creators later this year. Creators can check if they have access to Super Thanks by going to YouTube Studio and looking for the monetization tab.

Why Super Thanks Matters

Super Thanks is the fourth way that YouTube allows creators to earn money directly from their fans, after Super Chat, Super Stickers, and Channel Memberships. These features are part of YouTube’s efforts to diversify its revenue streams and compete with other platforms that offer similar options, such as Twitch, Patreon, and TikTok.

Super Thanks is also a way for creators to build stronger relationships with their fans and reward them for their support. By giving fans a chance to express their gratitude and get a shout-out from their favorite creators, Super Thanks can increase viewer loyalty and engagement. Additionally, Super Thanks can help creators discover new audiences and grow their channels, as viewers may be more likely to share videos that they have tipped.

How Creators Can Benefit from Super Thanks

Creators who want to take advantage of Super Thanks should enable the feature as soon as they have access to it and promote it to their viewers. They can do this by mentioning Super Thanks in their videos, adding cards or end screens that link to it, or creating custom thumbnails that highlight it. They can also thank their fans who send them Super Thanks in their videos or in the comments section.

Creators should also make sure that their videos are high-quality and engaging, as viewers are more likely to tip videos that they enjoy and find valuable. They should also experiment with different types of content and formats, such as tutorials, reviews, reactions, or challenges, to see what resonates with their audience and attracts more tips.

Super Thanks is a new opportunity for creators to earn more money from YouTube and strengthen their fan base. By using the feature effectively, creators can boost their income and grow their channel.


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