Super Mario Bros. Wonder lets you mute the chatty flowers

Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the latest 2D platformer game from Nintendo, is set to release on October 15, 2023 for the Nintendo Switch. The game features a new mechanic that allows Mario to interact with talking flowers in every course. These flowers make various comments and jokes that add more personality and humor to the game. However, some players may find them annoying or distracting, especially if they want to focus on the gameplay or enjoy the classic Mario sound effects. Fortunately, Nintendo has provided an option to mute the talking flowers in the game’s settings menu.

How to mute the talking flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

If you want to mute the talking flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder, you can do so by accessing the game’s settings menu. There, you will find two options for the flower audio: “On” and “Off”. If you choose “On”, you will hear the flowers’ voices and see their text boxes on the screen. If you choose “Off”, you will not hear or see anything from the flowers. You can also change the language of the flower audio from this menu, as the game supports multiple languages.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder lets you mute the chatty flowers
Super Mario Bros. Wonder lets you mute the chatty flowers

Nintendo recommends keeping the flower audio on, as it adds more charm and fun to the game. The flowers have different personalities and dialogues depending on the course and the situation. For example, some flowers may cheer you on, give you hints, or make jokes about your performance. Some flowers may even have special interactions with other characters or items in the game. The flowers are voiced by professional voice actors who bring them to life with their expressions and emotions.

Why Nintendo added talking flowers to Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Nintendo has always been known for its creativity and innovation in its games. Super Mario Bros. Wonder is no exception, as it introduces a new feature that has never been seen before in a Mario game: talking flowers. According to Nintendo, the idea behind this feature was to create a more lively and immersive world for Mario and the players. The talking flowers are meant to enhance the atmosphere and mood of each course, as well as provide some entertainment and humor along the way.

Nintendo also wanted to give more personality and character to the flowers, which are usually just background elements in Mario games. The talking flowers have different names, colors, shapes, and sizes, as well as different voices and dialogues. They can also react to Mario’s actions and movements, such as jumping, running, or throwing fireballs. Some of them may even have special abilities or secrets that can help or hinder Mario’s progress.

What fans think of the talking flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder

The talking flowers in Super Mario Bros. Wonder have received mixed reactions from fans and critics alike. Some of them love the idea and find it charming and hilarious, while others hate it and find it annoying and unnecessary. Some of them are indifferent and don’t mind either way.

Some of the positive comments from fans include:

  • “I think the talking flowers are adorable and funny. They make me laugh and smile every time I play.”
  • “The talking flowers are a great addition to the game. They add more personality and variety to each course.”
  • “The talking flowers are a clever way to make the game more interactive and immersive. They make me feel like I’m part of a living world.”

Some of the negative comments from fans include:

  • “I think the talking flowers are annoying and distracting. They ruin the gameplay and sound effects.”
  • “The talking flowers are a terrible idea. They are childish and stupid.”
  • “The talking flowers are a waste of resources and time. They should have focused on improving other aspects of the game.”

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