Terror in Canada; 2 mysterious persons who entered the bank with weapons shot dead: Police action


Ottawa: A bank operates in Sanich, Vancouver, near the US border in British Columbia, Canada. This bank had employees and customers. Suddenly 2 people came in with weapons including guns. Those present were shocked. Police rushed to the bank and cordoned off the area. Then there was a gunfight between 2 mysterious people and the police. Mysterious persons, 2 persons were shot dead by the police. Another 6 policemen were seriously injured.

Terror in Canada

Meanwhile, a search of the vehicle by mysterious persons revealed the presence of a bomb in it. Civilians living near the bank were subsequently evicted from their homes. A police officer said, ‘Two men in armor entered the bank and had more weapons. 6 police officers were seriously injured. They are having surgery. ‘ But the police have not released any information about those 2 people. Have you entered the bank with the intention of robbing? Police are investigating whether or not it was for some other reason. This has caused a great stir.


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