The Chocolate King: Carlos III’s Coronation Surprises All

On 5/6/2023, a life-size bust of King Carlos III was unveiled to celebrate his coronation. It was made from more than 17 kilograms of chocolate, weighing in at 23 kilograms (more than 50 pounds). This surprise sculpture has left the public in awe and admiration for the craftsmanship and creativity behind it.

The Chocolate King: Carlos III's Coronation Surprises All
The Chocolate King: Carlos III’s Coronation Surprises All

A Sweet Surprise

The bust of the King was created by a team of renowned chocolatiers from around the world. They worked together to create a masterpiece that perfectly captured the likeness of Carlos III. The sculpture was made with only the finest ingredients, including cocoa beans sourced from sustainable farms in South America and Europe. The intricate details on the face and clothing were crafted with precision and care, making it an impressive sight to behold.

Celebrating a New Era

The unveiling of this chocolate sculpture marks an important milestone in Carlos III’s reign as King. It is also a symbol of hope for the future, as it signifies a new era for Spain and its people. With this gesture, Carlos III has shown his commitment to bringing prosperity and progress to his kingdom.

The public response to this surprise sculpture has been overwhelmingly positive, with many praising its beauty and craftsmanship. It is clear that this unique piece will be remembered for years to come as a symbol of unity and celebration for all Spaniards.

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