tvScientific: A New Way to Pay for CTV Advertising

tvScientific, a performance advertising platform for connected TV (CTV), has announced a new pricing model that will charge advertisers only if their desired outcome happens. This means that advertisers can pay for CTV ads based on the actual results they generate, such as website visits, app installs, purchases, or leads.

How tvScientific Works

tvScientific is a self-service platform that allows advertisers of all sizes to create, manage, and measure CTV campaigns across various streaming services and devices. The platform uses proprietary data and always-on incrementality testing to measure the performance and outcomes of CTV advertising. tvScientific also provides advertisers with real-time insights and optimization tools to improve their return on ad spend (ROAS).

tvScientific: A New Way to Pay for CTV Advertising
tvScientific: A New Way to Pay for CTV Advertising

tvScientific’s pricing model is based on the concept of cost per action (CPA), which means that advertisers only pay when a user performs a specific action after seeing their ad. For example, if an advertiser wants to drive app installs, they will only pay for each user who installs their app within a certain time frame after viewing their ad. This way, advertisers can align their CTV ad spend with their business goals and avoid wasting money on ineffective impressions.

Why tvScientific is Different

According to Jason Fairchild, the co-founder and CEO of tvScientific, the company’s platform is different from other CTV solutions in the market because it is built on the same principles as paid search advertising. He said that tvScientific’s platform “allows advertisers of all sizes to utilize the power of TV advertising and measure the true return on investment while lifting the performance of all other channels by 34%.”

Fairchild also said that tvScientific’s platform is designed to remove the complexities and cost of managing a demand-side platform (DSP) and make CTV advertising accessible to millions of marketers. He said that tvScientific has partnered with NBCUniversal to launch Peacock Ad Manager, a self-service buying and attribution solution that makes Peacock AX, NBCUniversal’s premium streaming service, available to advertisers of all sizes.

What tvScientific’s Customers Say

tvScientific has reported significant revenue growth and accelerating customer adoption of its platform in the last year. The company has attracted customers from various industries, such as gaming, direct-to-consumer, finance, and health and wellness. Some of the customers who have used tvScientific’s platform include Playtika, Scopely, Crocs, and Experian.

Playtika, a leading mobile gaming company, said that tvScientific helped them achieve a 10x increase in ROAS and a 50% decrease in CPA for their CTV campaigns. Scopely, another mobile gaming company, said that tvScientific helped them drive over 100,000 app installs and achieve a 4x increase in ROAS for their CTV campaigns. Crocs, a footwear brand, said that tvScientific helped them increase their website traffic by 300% and their online sales by 200% for their CTV campaigns. Experian, a global information services company, said that tvScientific helped them generate over 10,000 leads and achieve a 3x increase in ROAS for their CTV campaigns.

The Future of CTV Advertising

CTV advertising is one of the fastest-growing segments in the digital advertising industry. According to eMarketer

1, CTV ad spending in the US will reach $13.41 billion in 2023, up from $8.11 billion in 2020. The growth of CTV advertising is driven by the increasing number of cord-cutters and cord-nevers who prefer streaming services over traditional TV.

However, CTV advertising also faces some challenges, such as fragmentation, measurement, attribution, and fraud. To overcome these challenges, advertisers need platforms that can provide them with transparency, data-driven insights, and performance-based pricing. tvScientific is one of the platforms that aims to address these needs and help advertisers unlock the full potential of CTV advertising.

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