Yugioh Celebrates 25 Years of Dueling with a Special Rarity Collection

The popular trading card game Yugioh is marking its 25th anniversary in 2023 with a special edition of its Rarity Collection. The Quarter Century Duelist Box will feature reprints of some of the most iconic cards from the past, as well as a new rarity that will dazzle the fans.

What is the Quarter Century Duelist Box?

The Quarter Century Duelist Box is a commemorative product that will be released on February 18th, 2023 in Japan. It will contain 15 packs, each with 4 cards. The cards will be randomly selected from a pool of 100 cards, which will include some of the most popular and powerful cards from the history of Yugioh.

Yugioh Celebrates 25 Years of Dueling with a Special Rarity Collection
Yugioh Celebrates 25 Years of Dueling with a Special Rarity Collection

The cards will have a beautiful rarity finish, such as Ultra Rare, Secret Rare, Ultimate Rare, and Prismatic Secret Rare. But the most exciting feature of the box is the introduction of a new rarity: the Quarter-Century Secret Rare. This rarity will have a holographic foil that will change colors depending on the angle and light. The Quarter-Century Secret Rare cards will be limited to only 25 copies each, making them extremely rare and valuable.

Which Cards Will Be Included in the Box?

The official website of Yugioh has revealed some of the cards that will be included in the Quarter Century Duelist Box. Some of them are:

  • Dark Magician: The signature card of Yugi Muto, the protagonist of the original Yugioh anime and manga. Dark Magician is a powerful Spellcaster-type monster that can unleash various effects with the help of other cards.
  • Blue-Eyes White Dragon: The signature card of Seto Kaiba, Yugi’s rival and friend. Blue-Eyes White Dragon is a legendary Dragon-type monster that boasts an impressive 3000 attack points and can fuse with other dragons to create even stronger forms.
  • Red-Eyes Black Dragon: The signature card of Joey Wheeler, Yugi’s best friend and ally. Red-Eyes Black Dragon is a fierce Dragon-type monster that can also fuse with other monsters or equip with various cards to enhance its abilities.
  • Stardust Dragon: The signature card of Yusei Fudo, the protagonist of Yugioh 5D’s, the second series of the franchise. Stardust Dragon is a Synchro monster that can negate and destroy any card effect that targets it or another card on the field.
  • Number 39: Utopia: The signature card of Yuma Tsukumo, the protagonist of Yugioh ZEXAL, the third series of the franchise. Number 39: Utopia is an Xyz monster that can negate any attack by detaching one of its materials and can also rank up into more powerful forms.
  • Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon: The signature card of Yuya Sakaki, the protagonist of Yugioh ARC-V, the fourth series of the franchise. Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon is a Pendulum monster that can deal double damage to the opponent’s monsters and can also summon other dragons from the extra deck.
  • Decode Talker: The signature card of Yusaku Fujiki, the protagonist of Yugioh VRAINS, the fifth series of the franchise. Decode Talker is a Link monster that can gain attack points for each monster it points to and can also protect them from being destroyed by card effects.
  • Dark Magician Girl: A fan-favorite card that is a female version of Dark Magician. Dark Magician Girl is also a Spellcaster-type monster that can gain attack points for each Dark Magician or Magician of Black Chaos in either player’s graveyard.

These are just some examples of the cards that will be available in the Quarter Century Duelist Box. There are many more cards that have not been revealed yet, so fans can look forward to discovering them when they open their boxes.

Why is this Box Important for Yugioh Fans?

The Quarter Century Duelist Box is a celebration of 25 years of Yugioh, which is one of the most successful and influential trading card games in the world. Yugioh has spawned multiple anime series, manga volumes, video games, movies, and merchandise over the years. It has also created a huge fan base that spans across different generations and cultures.

The box is a tribute to the legacy and impact of Yugioh, as it showcases some of the most memorable cards and characters from its history. It also offers fans a chance to own some rare and valuable cards that they might not have been able to obtain before. The box is a must-have for any Yugioh collector or enthusiast who wants to relive their nostalgia or experience the thrill of dueling with their favorite cards.

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