Lords of the Fallen: A Dark and Disappointing Adventure

Lords of the Fallen is a game that tries to emulate the success of the Dark Souls series, but fails to deliver a satisfying experience. The game is set in a grim fantasy world, where you play as Harkyn, a convicted criminal who is given a chance to redeem himself by fighting against the return of an evil god and his army of monstrous creatures. The game features a combat system that requires timing, strategy, and patience, as well as a class system that allows you to customize your character’s skills and equipment. However, the game suffers from many flaws that make it a frustrating and tedious journey.

A Lack of Pacing and Balance

One of the main problems with Lords of the Fallen is its lack of pacing and balance. The game is divided into several areas, each with its own set of enemies and bosses. However, the game does not provide enough checkpoints or fast travel options, forcing you to backtrack through long and repetitive sections if you die or want to return to a safe place. The game also does not reward exploration or risk-taking, as most of the secrets and loot are either hidden behind obscure puzzles or guarded by overpowered enemies. The game’s difficulty is also inconsistent, as some enemies and bosses are too easy to defeat, while others are too hard or unfair. The game’s death system, which allows you to enter an alternate dimension called the Umbral realm instead of dying outright, is also poorly implemented, as it often puts you in more danger than before.

Lords of the Fallen: A Dark and Disappointing Adventure
Lords of the Fallen: A Dark and Disappointing Adventure

A Boring and Confusing Story

Another issue with Lords of the Fallen is its boring and confusing story. The game tries to create a dark and mysterious atmosphere, but fails to engage the player with its characters, lore, or plot. The game’s protagonist, Harkyn, is a bland and unlikable hero, who shows little personality or motivation throughout the game. The game’s dialogue and voice acting are also mediocre, with many lines sounding unnatural or cliched. The game’s story is also hard to follow, as it relies on vague and cryptic audio logs and conversations that do not explain much about the game’s world or history. The game’s ending is also disappointing, as it leaves many questions unanswered and does not provide a satisfying conclusion.

A Mediocre and Glitchy Presentation

The final problem with Lords of the Fallen is its mediocre and glitchy presentation. The game’s graphics are decent, but not impressive, especially compared to other games released in 2023. The game’s environments are mostly dark and dull, with few details or variations. The game’s character models and animations are also stiff and unnatural, with many clipping issues and glitches. The game’s sound design is also lackluster, with generic music and sound effects that do not enhance the game’s mood or immersion. The game’s performance is also poor, with frequent frame rate drops, crashes, and bugs that affect the gameplay.

A Game That Falls Short of Its Potential

Lords of the Fallen is a game that falls short of its potential. It has some good ideas and elements that could have made it a great action-RPG, but it fails to execute them well. The game is plagued by many problems that make it a dark and disappointing adventure.

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